Shop Now, Pay Later With Installments: Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments

Shop Pay Installments is a new payment method introduced by Shopify, which allows customers to buy products in installments. This payment method is becoming increasingly popular among online shoppers as it provides a flexible and convenient payment option.

Today in this article, we will explore Shop Pay Installments in more detail and discuss how online stores can benefit from it.

Shop Pay Instalments: What Is It?

Shopify Payments

Shopify now offers Shop Pay Installments, a new payment option that lets clients purchase goods over time. With this payment option, a customer’s debit or credit card will automatically be used to deduct four equal payments, one every two weeks, to cover the cost of the entire purchase.

Customers don’t have to pay the entire purchase price upfront when they use Shop Pay Installments as a payment option during the checkout process.

The method of payment is interest-free, so clients do not need to be concerned about additional costs or fees. Additionally, regardless of credit rating, Shop Pay Installments is accessible to all clients.

How can online stores benefit from Shop Pay Installments?

Shopify Payments

Shop Pay Installments can provide several benefits to online stores, including:

Increased sales and conversions:

Shop Pay Installments can help increase sales and conversions by providing customers with a flexible payment option. If a product can be purchased in installments, customers who may not have been able to afford it in full may be more likely to do so. By offering Shop Pay Installments, online retailers may appeal to a larger spectrum of clients and boost their chances of generating a transaction.

Reduced shopping cart abandonment:

Studies reveal that over 70% of online shoppers quit their shopping carts before completing their purchases, making this a prevalent problem for online shops.

One of the biggest causes of shopping cart abandonment is the cost of the transaction. Shop Pay Installments gives customers a more affordable payment option, which can help decrease shopping cart abandonment. By splitting the total cost of purchase into four installments, customers may be more likely to complete their purchase and avoid abandoning their shopping cart.

Increased client loyalty:

Shop Pay Installments, which offer a practical and flexible payment alternative, can also aid in enhancing client loyalty. Due to their great experiences with the payment option, customers who utilize Shop Pay Installments to make a purchase are more likely to visit the online business again in the future.

Online retailers can foster deeper ties with their customers and promote repurchases by providing Shop Pay Installments.

Rise in the average order value:

Shop Pay Installments can also aid online retailers in raising the average order value. Customers may be more inclined to add more things to their shopping carts or buy more expensive goods if you offer a flexible payment option.

This can assist online retailers raise the average order value and raise their overall revenue.

How to set up Shop Pay Installments for your online store?

Shopify Payments

You need a Shopify store with the Shop Payments option enabled to set up Shop Pay Installments for your online store. When you finish, Shop Pay Installments will be readily available to your consumers during the checkout process.

You should test the payment option by completing a test purchase to make sure Shop Pay Installments is operating properly. By doing so, you will be able to examine how the payment method operates from the customer’s point of view and make sure everything is working properly.

Additionally, you ought to suggest Shop Pay Installments to your clients.

You can accomplish this by emphasizing the payment option on your website, in your marketing materials, and while customers are checking out. You may encourage more clients to use Shop Pay Installments and take advantage of its advantages by publicizing the payment option.

How Shopify development company can be of great assistance in it?

Shopify Payments

It might be difficult to set up payment options on an internet site, especially if you’ve never done it before.

This is where Shopify development companies may help because they can simplify the process of setting up payment alternatives on an online business.

Now we will go over how Shopify Development Company can help set up payment alternatives for online stores and why using their services is important.

The Best Payment Gateway to Use:

Choosing the appropriate payment gateway for your online business can be helped by Shopify development companies. The choice of a payment gateway has an impact on the customer’s user experience, hence it is a crucial choice.

The correct payment gateway for your store may be selected with the help of Shopify development companies by taking your target market, transaction costs, and accessible payment choices into account.

Adding a payment gateway:

The next step is to link the payment gateway with your online store when it has been selected.

The role of the Shopify Development Company in this situation is to help you effortlessly integrate the payment gateway with your store. To ensure that your consumers can make purchases without difficulty, they will make sure the payment gateway is properly integrated.

A payment gateway test:

Testing the Shopify Payments gateway is vital to make sure everything is functioning properly before going live.

To ensure that there are no problems with the payment process, Shopify development companies can help test the payment gateway. Additionally, they will test the payment gateway under various conditions, including failed transactions, successful transactions, and refunds.

Configuring Payment Options:

Customers may also be given access to additional payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and others, in addition to the payment gateway. Setup of various payment choices on your online business might be helped by Shopify development companies. Additionally, they will guarantee that the payment alternatives are properly shown on the checkout page.

Giving Consistent Support:

The process of setting up Shopify Payments options is ongoing. The most recent payment alternatives must be available in your online store at all times because payment gateways and other payment methods are constantly evolving. To keep your store current with the newest payment alternatives, Shopify development organizations can offer continuing assistance.

Significance of Taking the Services of the Shopify Development Agencies

Shopify Payments

Professional Knowledge

Professional experience in setting up payment alternatives for online stores is available from Shopify development organizations. They can offer professional guidance on picking the best payment gateway for your store because they have expertise working with a variety of payment gateways.


It can take some time to set up payment alternatives on an internet store. You can save time and concentrate on other elements of your online business by using the services of Shopify development agencies.


To make your online business distinct, customization services can be offered by Shopify development companies. The payment options can be altered to fit the style and feel of your online store.


Using Shopify development companies is more affordable in the long term. They can offer continuing assistance to keep your store abreast of the most recent payment alternatives. This guarantees a simple checkout process for your consumers and raises the likelihood that they will make additional purchases.


Lastly, we would like to conclude this article by saying that Shop Pay Installments is a new payment option available on Shopify that offers customers a convenient and flexible way to pay for their purchases. By providing this option, online stores can improve sales, reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase customer loyalty, and boost their average order value.

However, setting up this payment option can be time-consuming and require professional expertise. That’s where Shopify development agencies come in. These agencies can assist in setting up payment options on an online store, offering customization services and professional expertise to ensure a hassle-free checkout experience for customers. By taking their services, online store owners can save time, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. It’s a cost-effective solution that can help online businesses improve their bottom line.

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