Here are some of the CMS migrations that can be done to Shopify with the help of ShopifyAid:

How ShopifyAid can assist you in your CMS migration process?

Evaluate your current CMS

As a Shopify development service agency, we evaluate your current CMS and assess its features, functionality, and limitations. We identify data to be migrated, including products, customers, orders, and images, and provide seamless assistance in migrating to Shopify.

Choose a Shopify migration method

Here we will offer various methods for CMS migration, including manual transfer or utilizing pre-built apps like Cart2Cart. We cater to client's needs and budgets, providing seamless assistance to ensure smooth data migration to Shopify.

Set up your Shopify store

Our agency will assist in signing up and creating a new store on Shopify. We customize settings such as domain name, payment gateway, shipping options, and tax settings. We also install required apps or plugins to replicate your current CMS features for a seamless transition.

Export data from your current CMS

Our assistance will offer you service in exporting data and content from your current CMS in a format compatible with Shopify's import tools or Shopify migration services. We handle CSV, XML files, and APIs to ensure smooth data extraction for seamless migration to Shopify.

Import data to Shopify

As a Shopify development service agency, we utilize Shopify's built-in import tools or chosen migration services to seamlessly import data and content into your Shopify store. We follow Shopify's instructions to ensure a smooth transfer of data for a successful CMS migration.

Verify data accuracy

As Shopify development experts, we meticulously review and verify the accuracy of products, customers, orders, and other data in your Shopify store after migration. We make necessary adjustments or corrections to ensure a seamless and accurate transfer of data from your previous CMS

Set up design and customization

In this, we offer expert design and layout customization to match your branding and preferences. We handle image uploads, navigation configuration, collection setup, and homepage customization, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers on your Shopify store

Test and optimize

As a Shopify development service agency, we conduct thorough testing of your Shopify store to ensure smooth functionality. We optimize images for faster loading, improve SEO, and set up analytics for performance monitoring. We offer expert assistance in optimizing your store for optimal performance.

Update URLs and redirects

As a Shopify development service agency, we assist in setting up URL redirects to ensure a seamless transition from your old CMS with different URL structures. This helps maintain SEO rankings and ensures proper redirection of existing links to corresponding pages on your Shopify store for a smooth customer experience.

Launch Shopify store

As a Shopify development service agency, we assist in finalizing the design, functionality, and data accuracy of your Shopify store. We conduct thorough testing of the checkout process and assist in updating domain settings to point to your Shopify store for a successful public launch, ensuring a seamless transition for your customers.

Post-migration checks

As a Shopify development service agency, we conduct comprehensive testing of your store after migration to ensure seamless browsing, shopping, and checkout experiences. We provide prompt customer support to address any issues or questions during the transition, ensuring a smooth and successful post-migration experience for your customers.

Monitor and optimize

As a Shopify development service agency, we provide continuous monitoring of your store's performance, including website traffic, sales, and customer feedback. We analyze data to identify areas of improvement, optimize user experience, increase conversions, and provide recommendations to help your online business grow successfully.
Migrating from another CMS to Shopify can be a complex process, this is why we will assist you by following these steps, and by thoroughly testing your store, just by following the above-mentioned process we can successfully transition to Shopify and start leveraging its features and capabilities to grow your online business

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Cam Wilkes

Great working with Gagan - will definitely use him again for future jobs that are similar.


Kyle Hill

Great working with them. Would highly recommend!


Sam Rosen

Gagan did a great job. He was fast, efficient, thoughtful, and very responsive. I will certainly reach out again.


Mike Heath

Harshiv did amazing work, was responsive, and had a great attitude. Any revisions I wanted were completed right away. Project was a huge success thanks to him.


Somaiah D

I had the pleasure of working with Rajan to upgrade my website theme, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Rajan worked diligently and quickly to understand my needs and execute the necessary tasks to make my website look amazing. He has a great eye for design and was able to bring my vision to life in a way that exceeded my expectations. His communication throughout the process was fantastic, and he always kept me informed of any updates or changes. I highly recommend Rajan for anyone looking for a skilled web developer who can deliver exceptional results in a timely manner. Thanks again for all your hard work, Rajan!


Anthony Scarpone

Gagan Deep is the BEST! He did an AMAZING job rebuilding my company's entire shopify store. He did it exactly how we visioned it. I am truly impressed and will DEFINITELY be hiring Gagan Deep again!! 10/10 recommend. Probably the best Shopify developer I have worked with.


Keegan Clark

Sushant is lovely to work with and did an amazing job on all the jobs we threw at him. Followed the brief perfectly and logically told us what would work well and what wouldn't. So happy we found someone this good so quickly on Upwork. Hiring him on an ongoing contract now.

jared madsen

Rajan was quick and easy to work with. He made some great suggestions and gave us what we were looking for. I will happley work with Rajan in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, hiring a Shopify development agency can ensure a smooth and successful launch of your store.

Shopify development services often include a dedicated Project Manager who oversees project progress and coordinates various aspects of the development process, ensuring smooth communication and efficient project management.

Confidentiality is maintained through strict adherence to privacy policies, secure communication channels, and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) post-project completion.

Common modes of communication for Shopify development services include email, video conferencing, i.e (zoom meetings, Google Meets), and project management tools, i.e (Slack, Asana, Click-Up, Skype, Trello, and collaborative messaging platforms).

The timeline for a Shopify web development project varies based on complexity, usually spanning from a few weeks to a few months to complete, considering the intricacies involved in the development process.

Yes, Shopify web development providers typically offer post-development support for maintenance, updates, and technical assistance after project completion, ensuring the smooth operation of the website.

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