What Are The Best Free & Paid Shopify Themes Introduced In Shopify 2.0?

Shopify theme

More than 1,400 ready-made themes are available on Shopify. These themes are created to give startups and enterprises the finest possible launch pad for setting up shop online and starting a business. Designers and developers create Shopify Themes based on their experience across a range of industries to provide start-up businesses with the essentials to succeed. Themes are a convenient way to launch a website quickly and are ideal for companies wishing to enter the e-commerce market. Look more closely at our list of the top Shopify free and paid themes to find out where to start.

Most Effective Free And Paid Shopify Themes

Shopify theme

  • Dawn Theme: With the launch of Shopify 2.0, the brand-new Dawn theme was unveiled. This theme has become synonymous with Online Store 2.0 with its streamlined look, faster load times, and larger photos. Dawn is the brand-new default Shopify theme for version 2.0. This free theme is ideal for various industries, including home, fashion, beauty, and more. While not overshadowing your product offering, the minimalist style enables an engaging and straightforward website. Like most Shopify themes, Dawn has a simple setup process that will have your business up and running in no time.
  • Sense: The stunning Shopify Online Store theme Sense strikes the ideal mix between lively color accents and a plain white background to produce a contemporary style ideal for health and beauty firms. The product layouts in this theme are fantastic. To make customized pages for your store without using any extra coding, simply drag & drop parts and blocks. Blocks for images, goods, videos, statements and other content are adaptable and attractive in Sense.
  • Crave: Crave is a playful, assertive, and vivid theme that makes your products pop off the page and stand out. The food and beverage industries might benefit from this, and this wonderful concept deserves more attention. This theme was built specifically for the on-the-go food industry and is fully mobile-optimized. Flexible checkout options enable customers to complete their purchases more quickly and easily than ever. Additionally, this amazing food-themed website offers built-in sections where you can share information, ingredients, and even recipes to set your business apart from the competition.

Shopify theme

  • Fresh: A fantastic theme called Fresh is available in three different styles. The theme comes with a pop-up that asks visitors to validate their legal drinking age before proceeding to the website, an imperative feature for people in this business. For people wishing to enter the alcoholic beverage sector, Fresh offers useful extra features.

    Price: $350 USD

  • Impulse: Impulse, one of the most popular premium themes, is ideal for fashion and beauty firms. Three distinct pre-set options-Modern, Clean, and Bold-are offered by the theme. The theme offers several landing pages, product sales points, 20+ sections that are now accessible from anywhere on the website, and more. A personalized product marketing designer can help brands keep their clients interested.

    Price: $350 USD

  • Symmetry: This theme offers a polished, symmetrical layout that puts your products front and center. This theme of Shopify’s Online Store specifically encourages the usage of high-resolution photos and video content that lets your products do the bulk of the selling. The Symmetry Theme concept is suitable for clothing companies. It has various features, such as color swatches, EU translations, Quickview, and more. A high-end clothing business can start with it as a viable starting point.

    Price: $320 USD

The Final Verdict Is…

The Shopify online store has a wide selection of free and premium themes. Out of all the themes, we have only discussed three, which are, in our opinion, the greatest. You may look at additional themes and make your selection based on your needs.

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