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Keep in mind that the key purpose of the Shopify Plus home page is to entice visitors to browse, find out what your store sells, and see products. One of our favorite parts of starting a website project is creating the Shopify homepage for our clients, which serves as the model for the complete website design. Engaging editorial content is seamlessly integrated into a sales-focused strategy. In the current marketplace, it’s critical to cultivate empathy, understand your audience, and pay attention to their requirements. In our opinion, Shopify Stores are the engines that propel those objectives.

Guidelines To Create A Shopify Homepage For A Shopify Store

Follow the following steps while creating a Shopify homepage:


First, it’s critical to thoroughly analyze the store’s navigation. The store’s branding or content marketing shouldn’t be the primary navigational focus; rather, it should be centered on exploring the product inventory and linking to collections. In other words, category and product pages, not blog or about pages, should be the key destinations for navigation links. On desktop and mobile, the navigation should be sticky, which keeps the header at the top of the screen even when the user scrolls. The top 4 nations that your shop sells to should be displayed in a drop-down currency selection if you are offering different currencies.

Display Banner

By looking at the banner on your Shopify homepage, people can learn what you sell, what might be on sale, and your company’s core principles. There should be an attractive, full-bleed image on your masthead, short one-line text rather than text overlaid on an image, and a vibrant, opaque button with strong text for your call to action. Be sure that the primary banner picture does not fill the entire browser height so the user can see the text underneath the banner. That will help to guarantee that the website is mobile-friendly.

Broadcasting Bar

Use the announcement bar to showcase sales, campaigns, inventory changes, or maintenance-related information. By providing this information, you can increase user confidence.

Section For Brand Stories

Include a specific section with a clear CTA to “Learn More” if your store has a compelling founder or brand narrative.

Showcase A Collection

Our discretion is to place one or two collections on the Shopify homepage. It depends on the needs of the company so that visitors can click through to a product if they see anything they like.

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Give special attention to the highlights of your products, such as top sellers or recent launches. That may encourage your users to continue if they find something appealing.

Blog Entries/Sections

For your Shopify store, content is a fantastic brand-building tool. If your store has a powerful, regularly updated blog or articles, a slider article section is essential with a crystal-clear CTA button for the “See More” link to the blog page. Additionally, you can decide to include a blog post area on your product pages. Most Shopify themes, including Impulse, offer this option.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to helping buyers understand your product, especially if it”s technical, including a FAQ is a terrific instructional piece to include.

What To Remember??

We support the use of narrative in all media. A logo is no longer sufficient for businesses today; they must communicate stories across the ecosystem. The Shopify Homepage is a convenient place to do this while also promoting your items. Please be aware that meeting your customers’ demands is a continual process. Therefore, we urge Shopify Store owners to consistently think of fresh and interesting methods to please the people who visit their stores.

Learn how to open a Shopify Store. Discover more about our Shopify web design offerings here.

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